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Sedona was originally my daughter Leah’s kitten – a gift from her boyfriend Eric in September, 1997. A year later Eric and Leah moved to Arizona when Eric went to college. Leah said she would find a home for Sedona and I promptly informed her he already had one! There’s no way I could have parted with him.

Sedona was the runt of his litter but he had a huge heart and spirit. In his mind, he was a fierce and mighty hunter. He was a gentle, loving soul who had an amazing capacity for loving and healing anyone who met him. He was truly the “talker” of our 3-kitty household and he is dearly missed by his humans and his kitty brothers Basil and Cisco.

Sedona, thank you for 15 years of your unconditional love, kitty massage and always bringing a smile to my face.

Sedona: September, 1997 – December 17, 2012

From: Joan Pape