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Simon, the “Chimese” Cat Who Smelled Like Lavender

Simon was born June 30, 2001 and lived with us since he was four months old. He grew up to be the best, and only, “Chimese” cat in the world. He was a lover of treats, shrimp and the green peppers from my pizza. He smelled like lavender; I don’t know why, he just did. He was a chatterbox and sang every night with or without a willing audience. He never met a child he really liked, but grown-up people were OK.

He loved his guy Tom more than any person he knew. They shared many crab dinners and 4 a.m. talks. He had the loudest purr known to man and caught a bird that one time. Tonight, I hope he can cuddle with his brother Samuel J. Cat again and will finally catch that darned red light. He will always be our best blue-eyed boy and we were very lucky to be his people for so many years.

So thankful for Dr. Katie and Journeys Home vet services for coming to our home on very short notice to help us give him a peaceful send off.

From: Leigh-Anne Lottridge