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Tiffy was the best cat. She never, not once ever, tried to scratch anyone. Never tried to bite anyone. Always used her scratching posts. She was a happy girl who love, love, loved the sunlight. Any small reflection of light on the wall was no match for Tiffy. She loved chasing our feet under blankets. She loved having her ears rubbed. She had the cutest way of half-jumping while rubbing her head on the corner of a wall or furniture.

We are lucky that she chose us. I wasn’t looking for her, but while on the job as a mystery shopper at the Humane Society, she made it clear that I was supposed to take her home. The loudest meows from the smallest little body, clinging to my leg… I’m so grateful that she picked me that day.

We will miss our sweet girl. Tiffy brought joy to our lives, and we find peace imagining her laying in the sun, playing with other furry companions that we’ve loved and lost.

From: Lolly, & family