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I remember when I first saw you you had the biggest set of brown puppy eyes. And you had me in your paws from the start , I was just 18 then and how you and I grew together I watched you chase your tail and love hugs and kisses to never leaving my son’s side when he was born – you even made sure I knew he was crying during his first bath, you were so concerned.

And as we grew older we grew close, I literally didn’t have to say a command and you just knew what to do, yet a treat now and then never hurt either, you were so loyal and literally you loved everything and everyone, (and they loved you, i got a few offers once but your worth much more than money ) even cats!

You stayed so strong till the end running and loving everything literally up until your body was just to tired. We will meet again I’ll be ready to take you for a walk and I know you’ll greet me with kisses, this is so hard and unreal. But I’m glad I got you and held you till you last breath I love you Jayden .

You’re a good boy  r.I.p.7/3/2016/4-14-2008

From: Brittany
Oklahoma City