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It’s been almost 8 months since The Best Dog That Ever Lived died. He had a pulmonary carcinoma, and he lived 3 mostly good months on Prednisone after diagnosis. The last 4 days of his life he became tired so quickly, was struggling to breathe, and lost interest in food. I am a vet tech, and I always took him to work with me, and that last day he was frantically barking at me and his tongue was turning purple. As soon as I grabbed him he calmed down.

He knew Dad was going to help him, somehow. I euthanized him laying next to him and telling him I loved him. I’ve never loved anything or anyone more in my life. He was the friendliest, sweetest, most adorable and kind soul I’ve ever known. I miss him. And 8 months later, I’m still grief-stricken. We were miserable apart from each other, and now I am bearing that misery alone. I love you, Stany. Forever.

From: Ian M.
Location: San Diego