Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Prince


    Prince came to us as an old man with a young soul. He lived a life of luxury and attention.

  • Aries


    He hated car rides – going to the vet would have been awful. He was comfy in his home … familiar smells… a friend he knew. He purred till the very end.

  • Annie


    Forever you will be missed sweet Annie girl! You were my best friend and companion!!

  • Jasmine


    She was a sweet girl who greeted and loved everyone who walked through our door.

  • Lucy


    No dog has ever been so loyal I will love you until my last day.

  • Piglett


    She enjoyed hoarding small trinkets, bottle caps, twist-ties, hair bands, earrings, watches. After a hard year of cancer we let her go.

  • Arizona


    Dear Silent Friend, Your season came close to my family lost and found. Everyone said you went for a reason. …

  • Puccini


    RIP Puccini, 2002 – 2019.

  • Annie


    Our bond of pure love will endure throughout eternity

  • Qetelcoatl, long gone, and Harry, fading now

    Qetelcoatl, long gone, and Harry, fading now

    A thought that may help at such times: We don’t have them long enough. But they have us all their …

  • Peaches


    Memorial dog tribute – She was with me through some of life’s most happy and sad moments.

  • Snowy


    We weren’t ready to say goodbye.

  • Monster


    Monster, a lap dog trapped in a 65-pound body, kept me sane while my husband was serving in the Navy and gave Jon another reason to …

  • Meadow


    I’ll miss you from the bottom of my heart. And I hope to see you on the other side of the rainbow

  • Charlie


    She was so beautiful and I cared for this dog as my child

  • Ted


    You were the most charming and personable cat I’ve known. Also the softest. Thank you for being in our life. …

  • Shotzee


    Shotzee the sweetest border collie sensed how much my husband needed her. The neighbors were so understanding and generous they let us keep her.

  • Willie


    A loyal, cheery companion who loved all people. A dog who had a special talent for greeting anyone who seemed to be homeless or lost.

  • Tipper


    A farewell to a dignified, elegant, sassy, dainty cat. She left this world purring and cuddling.

  • Alibi


    Alibi was exceptional dog, full of humor, intelligence and unconditional love.

  • Luna


    Beautiful memories and joy you brought into our lives everyday. [Photo collage]

  • Penny


    Today May 8 was Penny’s last day. I’m 100 percent happy with her final journey helped by Dr Katie. This …

  • Buddy


    Saying goodbye is the hardest part of owning a pet. You were the sweetest, softest, most loving kitty.

  • Peanut


    Our dog was a source of laughter and abundant energy. She was able to smile from ear-to-ear and her tail was an almost constant happy wag.