Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Carmen


    Our smart, sweet and loving family member.

  • Starr


    Starr intuitively knew when my son needed to be calmed down. She would let him hold her velvety ear to fall asleep.

  • Velvet


    The soft black cat with the greatest purr.

  • Remy


    I spent the past 14 years with this good cat who gave much love and patience to his family. 

  • Bo


    Kind, gentle, funny dog who was unimaginably curious. The best pal anyone could ever ask for.

  • Shelby


    If I could have done more I would have.

  • Lexi


    Best snuggle buddy

  • Jackson


    I hate that Wobblers Syndrome robbed us of more years together.

  • Buster


    Buster was a juvenile teenager who never grew up at age of 10 years. He was a dog full of spitfire and spunk. He was full of energy.

  • Timmy


    Timmy was such a loyal dog that wanted nothing but to protect us.

  • Rupert Montgomery Pupkin

    Rupert Montgomery Pupkin

    You left this earth way too soon. You were poisoned and I was helpless to do anything except make your last month as comfortable for you as possible.

  • McLovin “Buddy” Borchert

    McLovin “Buddy” Borchert

    McLovin was the silliest boy you could meet. He pranced regally where ever he went and usually carried his leash in his mouth. He was never grumpy or moody…

  • Lucy Woo

    Lucy Woo

    Sweetest girl and best friend and companion anyone could ever ask for.

  • Misty


    Sorry you were sick, hope we made the right decision for you, and wish I could explain to you…

  • Butt and Ted

    Butt and Ted

    Both these big lover-cats came to us at around age 9, and lived with us for 10 additional years.

  • Kenzie


    I’ll always remember the day you came home to us, a tiny black puppy that had a little red bow on top of her head.

  • Luca


    You taught me so much about life, love and tenacity. Your dance and butt wag when you’d see me would brighten my days.

  • Sir


    Sir was a cat who loved vanilla ice cream, popcorn, watching squirrels, sleeping on mom and your treat ball.

  • Miller


    This dog gave us more love and joy 13 years then one could ask.

  • Teddy


    I am profoundly grateful for the “loan” of this special Labradoodle and his joie de vivre. His big beautiful brown eyes sometimes seemed to pierce deep into my soul.

  • Floyd


    You wildly climbed the curtains, wood doors, kitchen cabinets, closets & screen doors. It gave you joy to scratch our furniture more than the cat post.

  • Steve


    He was shy but so sweet. He loved coffee, pizza and shiny things.

  • Puppy and Bear

    Puppy and Bear

    Both of you came into our lives at different times but together helped us become better people.

  • Dante


    Named after Dante’s Inferno, he was a rescue cat who was in a fire and was the only animal who made it out.