Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Steve


    He was shy but so sweet. He loved coffee, pizza and shiny things.

  • Puppy and Bear

    Puppy and Bear

    Both of you came into our lives at different times but together helped us become better people.

  • Dante


    Named after Dante’s Inferno, he was a rescue cat who was in a fire and was the only animal who made it out.

  • Olivia


    Sweet, silly, loving dog with the most beautiful brown eyes one could imagine.

  • Makoui


    My cat was sassy, just like myself, and she was my biggest cheerleader.

  • Simon


    Defying the odds, Simon fought his way out of a wheelchair and back up on all four feet!

  • Sophie


    It’s amazing how many times a day I still expect to see you under my kitchen table hoping for a dropped item. It’s been two months and seems like yesterday

  • Maximus


    He welcomed everyone. He never showed an ounce of jealousy each time we brought a new baby home from the hospital. Maximus loves our children.

  • Diggety


    Remembering my brave friend. A yearly Puppy Up walker for cancer research, the very disease that stole you from our lives far too early.

  • Bubbles


    A truly wonderful loyal and loving dog you were.

  • Evie


    My lap is a little less warm without you. It was a blessing to have you in my life. Rest in peace, my sweet girl..

  • Remembrance of Princess

    Remembrance of Princess

    A beautiful little lady we will never forget.

  • Boomer


    You loved to play with our little girls and were so protective toward them. You will always have a place in our hearts.

  • Maui


    I miss your happy dance and tail wag when you see me, the belly rubs and long walks we shared. Today is the one-year anniversary that you took the journey home …

  • Gunner Adams

    Gunner Adams

    Gunner is definitely chasing rabbits and squirrels and eating anything he wants finally with all of his four legged cousins …

  • Tigger


    I got this new kitten about a little over a year ago, he instantly ended up becoming apart of the family. He’s always been a relatively healthy cat, but…

  • Bazilkos Gatos (Bazzy)

    Bazilkos Gatos (Bazzy)

    You were a brat cat, a lover, a climber, a pizza thief, and bran muffin enthusiast.

  • Prince


    Prince came to us as an old man with a young soul. He lived a life of luxury and attention.

  • Aries


    He hated car rides – going to the vet would have been awful. He was comfy in his home … familiar smells… a friend he knew. He purred till the very end.

  • Annie


    Forever you will be missed sweet Annie girl! You were my best friend and companion!!

  • Jasmine


    She was a sweet girl who greeted and loved everyone who walked through our door.

  • Lucy


    No dog has ever been so loyal I will love you until my last day.

  • Piglett


    She enjoyed hoarding small trinkets, bottle caps, twist-ties, hair bands, earrings, watches. After a hard year of cancer we let her go.

  • Arizona


    Dear Silent Friend, Your season came close to my family lost and found. Everyone said you went for a reason. …