Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Bailey


    We lost you too soon

  • Bella Boo

    Bella Boo

    Thank you so much for the 13 1/2 years you were with me.

  • Jake


    We will miss you forever, love you Jake…

  • Musta


    Torre family remembering Musta.  You have been a wonderful companion.  We will always love you Moomoo!

  • Lola


    Just wanted to put this on here and immortalize it. Tribute to Lola from Elijah in Texas.

  • Babette


    Love our sweet Babette who we were honored to have with us for 16 of her 20 years as our earth angel.

  • Griffin


    Remembering the sweetest little beastie ever who brought us so much joy.

  • Sadie


    You were my best friend for 10 years and loved us all so fully.

  • Arthur


    Arthur, you weren’t just a good boy, you were the best. Thank you for giving us your endless, unconditional love …

  • Coco


    Numerous first place awards for rally and obedience but what I remember you for is your unconditional love and your always super playful spirit. My heart is torn in half having to watch your life leave so suddenly and unexpected.

  • Tish and Eve

    Tish and Eve

    We didn’t know that 2019 would begin with such a huge loss. Tish and Eve were the best pair of …

  • Layla


    We only had you 6 yrs, not nearly enough. Our hearts are broken, but are comforted that, you got to leave us peacefully.

  • Mitzi May

    Mitzi May

    By December 2018 she had not been herself for weeks. We had over 15 years together and she is the sweetest…she was my life.

  • Bella


    Remembering Bella, Chinese crested dog. She was the most beautiful soul and her soul shined through each and every single day.

  • Edison


    You were a constant reminder to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the little things in life …

  • Cookie


    Sharing a bed with you (and you would not be moved); brushing you and watching your golden hair fly away; …

  • Sammy


    He liked to play paper hockey. He batted the paper ball and watched while I crawled all over to retrieve it. Sammy will be missed.

  • Macy May

    Macy May

    We have so many memories of this remarkable dog. She was definitely a one of a kind dog. From: Pamela …

  • Cassie


    I miss you, my Cassie. You were 10 years old and I had you for such a long time. You …

  • Chief


    Chief you was the best. You lived for a good 12 years before you passed of a heart attack and …

  • Mo


    “The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.”

  • Mia


    Mia was my best friend. She was in my life for 10 wonderful years and now I’m struggling to grasp that she is gone.

  • Stella


    We fondly remember your distinctive bark at other dogs that dare walk on our sidewalk.

  • George Lee Darvish

    George Lee Darvish

    The naughtiest puppy turned into the most intelligent, loved, family member. The most difficult decision a fur baby mom had to make… a leg amputation despite poor prognosis.