Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Mitzi May

    Mitzi May

    By December 2018 she had not been herself for weeks. We had over 15 years together and she is the sweetest…she was my life.

  • Bella


    Remembering Bella, Chinese crested dog. She was the most beautiful soul and her soul shined through each and every single day.

  • Edison


    You were a constant reminder to not take life too seriously and to enjoy the little things in life …

  • Cookie


    Sharing a bed with you (and you would not be moved); brushing you and watching your golden hair fly away; …

  • Sammy


    He liked to play paper hockey. He batted the paper ball and watched while I crawled all over to retrieve it. Sammy will be missed.

  • Macy May

    Macy May

    We have so many memories of this remarkable dog. She was definitely a one of a kind dog. From: Pamela …

  • Cassie


    I miss you, my Cassie. You were 10 years old and I had you for such a long time. You …

  • Chief


    Chief you was the best. You lived for a good 12 years before you passed of a heart attack and …

  • Mo


    “The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.”

  • Mia


    Mia was my best friend. She was in my life for 10 wonderful years and now I’m struggling to grasp that she is gone.

  • Stella


    We fondly remember your distinctive bark at other dogs that dare walk on our sidewalk.

  • George Lee Darvish

    George Lee Darvish

    The naughtiest puppy turned into the most intelligent, loved, family member. The most difficult decision a fur baby mom had to make… a leg amputation despite poor prognosis.

  • Spike Lee Smith

    Spike Lee Smith

    Memorial tribute to dog Spike Lee Smith.

  • Mouse my sweet cat!!

    Mouse my sweet cat!!

    Mouse l miss you! You broke my heart when you passed away! But l know you didn’t want to either…. …

  • Winston Chamberlain

    Winston Chamberlain

    This is a sad day for us, to have to say good by to someone who was not just a pet, but part of our family for nineteen years. There will be a void that cannot be filled again.

  • Hannah


    You are much missed, but these wonderful people did such a good job helping you transition on into the next …

  • Tiffany Pollock

    Tiffany Pollock

    Memorial tribute and thank you

  • Cymry


    This dog. What a life! Here is a list of Cymry’s many accomplishments. We won’t find another like her, nor would it be fair to other pups to do any comparing.

  • Carley


    My gentle dog was a rescue who had many fears to work through in her life.  She was afraid of loud noises and pretty much everything except her cozy safe spot next to my bed.

  • Paige


    We’d had Paige since she was a puppy. Paige had a difficult birth where many of her siblings died. We think it was her desire to live that helped her survive the traumatic birth. That same desire though also meant …

  • Toby


    Toby loved playing with his doggy brothers, loved car rides, laying in the sun, walks, runs in the park, McDonald’s hamburgers, shred toys, people, but most of all, he loved to lay on our laps and cuddle with us.

  • Roxie the Vizsla

    Roxie the Vizsla

    The unusual memorial tribute for a dog is a poem:
    And feel like a ship with sails filled.
    Now forever free
    I will feel my red tempest with me

  • Remembering Bella

    Remembering Bella

    To our Bella, Our hearts are broken. We could not imagine the day that we would have to say goodbye …

  • Willa


    People said I took good care of her and gave her a good life but Willa gave even more than she received.