Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Sammy


    We rescued Sammy when he was 3 years old. Little did we know, he was there to rescue us. Sammy was a true golden boy, filled with love and …

  • Snickers


    We had you for only a very short time, but you captured our hearts with your sweet face, loving personality, and

  • My Best Friend Ellie

    My Best Friend Ellie

    I remember coming home from work one day. A day that started out being just another one of those routine days that you know will pass without anything memorable happening. However, life has a way of adding twists and turns that change your life forever. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter and wife …

  • Sammie Sam

    Sammie Sam

    Sammie was a American Eskimo dog. She loved the snow! I never had to wash my face because she did …

  • Cowboy


    It’s with tremendous sadness that I share that I’ve lost my little boy. On Monday Dr. Laura came to my …

  • Mr. Tipper

    Mr. Tipper

    Tipperlee, we will miss the days of watching you at play, the watching at the window of the birdies and …

  • Brix


    Heartfelt memorial dog tribute

  • Annie


    I truly feel God brought Annie into my husband’s and my life for a reason. We both loved her but …

  • Nubbie


    Nubbie was the world’s best mountain cur. She was stoic, independent, stubborn, a milkbone fanatic, and our sweet baby girl. …

  • Kyra


    She was surrendered twice to the humane society until we found each other.

  • Jake


    Jake was an absolute beautiful gift to our family that will never be forgotten.

  • Hook always got in the last word

    Hook always got in the last word

    Hook had a long life filled with many joyful memories.  and winning races in the backyard with our kids. She was very vocal and always expressed her opinion.

  • Toby


    He had a personality larger than his petite size. When Toby walked into a room, everyone took notice. His friendly nature and gentle manner were evident. He was adaptable, intelligent, and charming. His adventurous spirit, curiosity, and

  • Mittens aka “Mitty”

    Mittens aka “Mitty”

    Mitty will always be remembered as the friendliest cat around, a wonderful presence in the house and a faithful companion.

  • Biggie


    He never grew out of his puppy stage even to the very last day as he was mischievous and looking for

  • Marty


    I adopted my best friend at 10 years of age. He loved to go on hikes, road trips, visit his …

  • Nicholas (Nick)

    Nicholas (Nick)

    We had to say our final goodbyes to our dearest and bestest ever companion, Nicholas. We had the honor, joy …

  • Micky


    He was very smart and a true companion.

  • Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker

    So grateful for Journey’s service to my best friend. He was the best companion I could ask for and I …

  • Justice


    She took my heart with her.

  • Pip


    This memorial would go on for pages if I listed every wondrous thing that Pip did throughout her 16 years…

  • Cricket aka Kiki Bones

    Cricket aka Kiki Bones

    Spent first half of her life with Bill, then lived with us for her second 7 years. We will love …

  • Our Sweet Dog Phil

    Our Sweet Dog Phil

    We were planning on just fostering Phil, but after

  • Dylan, Our Sweet Smiling Pit Bull

    Dylan, Our Sweet Smiling Pit Bull

    Our sweet Dylan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 08, 2017 with the loving assistance of Dr. Laura. We …