Pet Tributes

Pet memorial stories. Saying goodbye is so hard to do.
  • Pip


    This memorial would go on for pages if I listed every wondrous thing that Pip did throughout her 16 years…

  • Cricket aka Kiki Bones

    Cricket aka Kiki Bones

    Spent first half of her life with Bill, then lived with us for her second 7 years. We will love …

  • Our Sweet Dog Phil

    Our Sweet Dog Phil

    We were planning on just fostering Phil, but after

  • Dylan, Our Sweet Smiling Pit Bull

    Dylan, Our Sweet Smiling Pit Bull

    Our sweet Dylan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 08, 2017 with the loving assistance of Dr. Laura. We …

  • Memories of Molly McKitty

    Memories of Molly McKitty

    We’d like to think that Molly Magoobah Bagoobah McKitty was born sometime in 1999, and that she is the real …

  • Simon, the “Chimese” Cat Who Smelled Like Lavender

    Simon, the “Chimese” Cat Who Smelled Like Lavender

    Simon was born June 30, 2001 and lived with us since he was four months old. He grew up to …

  • Ebbie


    Ebbie was a loving and obedient dog. She loved to camp and traveled all around the country while we were …

  • Betty aka the snapper

    Betty aka the snapper

    My beautiful baby Betty passed 1/18/2017 my companion I miss and love her From: Robert Thornton, CA

  • Memories of China Holland

    Memories of China Holland

    “Big Mama” China. You were a great mom and pack-leader who taught your babies and your humans how to love. …

  • Magnus,  the Best Dog Ever

    Magnus, the Best Dog Ever

    Magnus came into my life as a puppy about 12 and a half years ago when I graduated college. He …

  • Missing Abby

    Missing Abby

    Abby – With your sweet kisses, unconditional love, and incredible sense of humor, you brought joy into our hearts every …

  • Maggie’s Story

    Maggie’s Story

    Maggie had been in 2 homes already when I got her and her third home, mine, was the charm. She was a super dog and a great companion. I gave her a good safe home, she had a great life and she gave me many memories that I will have forever.

  • Teddy,Super Dog Pal

    Teddy,Super Dog Pal

    It is with much sadness and a broken heart that I have to report that my pal, my friend, my …

  • Maverick


    When a dog offers you his heart Accept it with a smile For his love will last a lifetime – …

  • Max


    From: Diane & Tim Nolan Sun Prairie, WI

  • Berkeley


    You will be missed. From: Scott and Robert, Middleton, WI

  • Allie, A Good Dog

    Allie, A Good Dog

    She was a good dog, but a better friend. She left, in a most ordinary way, drifting off to sleep …

  • Thunder


    Thunder passed over the rainbow bridge with the kind assistance of Dr. Caitie on Saturday, September 24, 2016 surrounded by …

  • Spanky


    Spanky was a smart dog. He was a blessing, and a great companion. His favorite thing to do was chase …

  • Biffy


    Biffy came into my life at the age of 7 weeks. She was the only black female in the litter …

  • Max


    My name is Brenda Hahn and unfortunately, I am out of town this weekend for military training and am sadly …

  • Meow, Our Flower Shop Cat

    Meow, Our Flower Shop Cat

    With the kind and caring help of Dr. Hilst, we said goodbye to our friend, Meow, in January this year. …

  • Ms. Lulu Belle

    Ms. Lulu Belle

    Ms. Lulu Belle and her brother Stu came into my life 12 years ago. Stu was the confident jock type …

  • Jayden


    I remember when I first saw you you had the biggest set of brown puppy eyes. And you had me …